New Earth

*Given the timeline shifts in 2020 I have edited the content of this post.* If you do not resonate with the information then it was not meant for you personally.  I will now simply share my perspective here.

Our solar system is always moving through space at high speed and we are now passing through a highly charged, energetic, active part of space. We pass through this highly charged, active part of space every 26,000 years. These windows every 26,000 years allow mass amounts of people to go through a consciousness ascension. Earth could have herself transformed to a more evolved planet while the people were still on it but the majority of humans at a soul level did not choose that outcome.

During these windows the Great Central Sun (Alcyone) sends higher frequencies to all the stars in this galaxy. Our sun has been giving off higher and increasingly higher frequencies over the last number of years. This is all part of the intelligent system that creates reality itself. The higher vibrational frequencies hitting us has caused the climate to keep shifting on Earth AND all the other planets; current climate change has nothing to do with C02 or pollution (sorry environmentalists). It is a natural part of this shift. Other planets in our solar system have experienced wild climate the last few years even including polar ice melting.

With each wave of higher  frequency it stirs up unresolved issues in humans. Past life issues surface as well as other sticky or dark parts that we never wanted to deal with. This is why people judge the last few years as ‘bad’ when it is really about how each person is processing within. It has been even worse for those who are in resistance to change right now. If you battle these higher frequencies you will go crazy, violent, get sick and/or die. You can see this happening in a lot of people. The best way to handle these energies is when past things or issues come up simply deep breathe and release them. Use the mantra ‘this is not mine, I release it’. With that declaration you are stating with intent that you are done with any of these things. DO NOT dance with the things that come up! It will only make it more painful. When you feel stuck try and be in nature, take a walk, take a bath, or do some physical exercise to get the energy moving and released. In these times it is wise to ignore politics, arguing, mental positions etc. People REALLY need to focus on things that bring them joy-things that are fun or positive. They also need to focus on being a good person. It is not rocket science but it is vital that people get in the right mindset for these times. Your state of consciousness is actually a choice that you can simply choose over and over UNLESS you watch TV and are on your smart phone always then you are allowing yourself to be kept in precisely the WRONG consciousness. Obviously the bumps up in frequency have every societal system breaking down currently and this is totally appropriate.

We are right on the verge of when windows of opportunity will occur for people to shift to to the NEW EARTH. This period will last a number of years giving the newly awakened time to evolve a bit and raise their frequency. New Earth has been created and is similar to Earth in terms of the land masses and oceans but it exists at a higher frequency-able to accommodate people who are mid to upper 4th density and 5th density. What has been said about New Earth is it is pristine nature everywhere. All water is fresh water and drinkable. The colors and light are more vibrant. There are seasons but not as extreme as the ones we have now. Animals are not carnivorous or aggressive and will all be friendly and approach people. As you walk on the ground you will feel the beautiful energy exchange between you and the planet. You will be able to have similar interactions with trees and plants. Fairies and other elementals will be visible and interact with people. There will be no evil or evil people. There will be no invisible demonic influences like we are used to. Everyone will have what they need. There will be no hard work or money. At first most people will choose to live rather simply in small communities in nature. Life will be mostly doing creative things and enjoying nature.

Most people arriving will be humans who shifted from 3rd density to 4th so New Earth will be a peaceful place for them to assimilate into the 4th density. Right now though there are also people on Earth who are 4th density currently close to their 5th density ascension. On the New Earth there will be a few 5th density humans around also. They will be able to levitate, fly, teleport, and manifest what they need out of thin air through focused intent. They will be able to appear younger or appear in any form they wish. The regular people will look to them for wisdom and see them as a goal to reach that level also. This will make people want to focus on evolving further. The consciousness of Earth (also known as GAIA) will also be moving into the New Earth (mostly has already); she finally gets to leave the darkness of 3rd density.

Some who are highly evolved who die right now will have the option to live on New Earth if they choose. Those who are walking Earth who shift to New Earth…will pass through a portal to get there. Some may go to sleep one night and simply wake up ON THE NEW EARTH. When humans arrive each will find themselves in a small community likely with people of their soul group which generally is family and relatives. Most will choose to live in simple cottage type homes in natural environments. Friendly ET races, especially your particular star families, will regularly visit New Earth and interact with people likely giving them advanced healing also. Opportunities to visit other planets/galaxies will be an option. In general New Earth will be free from sickness and ill health. It would be considered utopia compared to what we are used to on this Earth. How many will shift to New Earth?

Before 2020, we were heading towards an EVENT where the Great Central Sun would send us a big wave that would wake up a big chunk of humans and set them on a path of awakening. It is apparent to me that the dark forces knew of this and triggered events in 2020 to stop the EVENT. Source would not trigger the EVENT now because in the current state of fear, anger and chaos, that EVENT would now be too devastating. Also, humans have free will and the dark side has cleverly gotten most humans to choose fear and anger (very low vibration) at a moment when super high frequencies are hitting and are required to evolve. So the ‘harvest’ as THE LAW OF ONE likes to call it will be small now. Meaning the percentage of humans walking the Earth that will shift to New Earth while still physical is not 30-50% (which looked doable in 2019) but now probably half that.

So now we’re still getting waves of higher frequency hitting us but most are not using it as a catapult to ascension. The dark side launched the Covid fear theatrical production and trampled people’s rights. The Cabal then used their CIA assets and mind-controlled patsies to theatrically stage racially charged incidents involving police. They then used all their assets to inflame anger and explode violence in the name of supposed progressive ideas. All that is Luciferian false light. The dark side had primed the population for this with decades of social engineering through their media, educational systems and entertainment. 2020 was just the triggering of 100 years of laying foundations. The dark side know when ascension windows occur so they plan. Source itself and the extremely high frequency Guardian races responsible for Earth have never incarnated here and have no street smarts. The dark side down here are all street smarts and they laugh because they know Source has these lovely plans so the dark simply sabotage things right beforehand. Thus, the Source/Guardian races are always on the back foot reacting. It’s always, oh, I guess we’ll have to give humans more time…or we’ll try and repair some timelines. So back and forth it goes. Those Guardian races don’t experience time so if you down here have to suffer for another 20 years they don’t even understand that at a practical level so in a sense they don’t give a shit. At their level of consciousness they see humans making choices and having experiences in a sand box.

This physical Earth now will go through changes but the path mainstream humanity is on is Transhumanism and Artificial Intelligence. Some have called this age ‘the time of machines’. The main population will increasingly become more A.I. in their own consciousness. The smart phone addiction was the beginning. More centralized government control and surveillance is imminent. There will be pockets of higher vibrational people living in bubbles of positivity as they try and help awaken or educate the newly awakened. That will be increasingly difficult work as Earth becomes more chaotic and full of zombified people.

Those who do not evolve now have not had enough time using this 3D school to learn what they wanted to learn. Souls can not be rushed. They deserve to experience the richness of experience and no one chooses for others when it is time to evolve. They have free will and their choices are perfect for them. Most humanity choosing a merging with technology may seem ugly to the awakened, but technology is addictive and one must honor their choices.

If you want to raise your frequency and create a bubble of positivity so you can shift to the New Earth here are some tips:

  1. be kind, compassionate and in gratitude
  2. focus on doing things that bring joy, build your day around that
  3. reduce time spent on social media, smart phones
  4. shut off all mainstream media, ignore the views of celebrities
  6. release hate towards politicians, governments, corporations, law enforcement
  7. take personal responsibility for EVERYTHING IN YOUR LIFE instead of blaming others
  8. stop judging (others and yourself)
  9. release anger and guilt
  10. release the urge to fight and argue
  11. ALLOW the present moment to be as it is, become friendly with it
  12. forgive yourself for anything you’ve done to others and forgive others for anything they did to you
  13. meditate and go within
  14. take lots of quiet walks
  15. spend lots of time in nature
  16. take Epsom salt baths every so often
  17. drink lots of clean water 24/7
  18. create things with your hands (crafts, music etc.)



My top 45 for the 2015 NHL draft

1 Connor McDavid Erie (OHL) C
2 Jack Eichel Boston U (NCAA) C
3 Mitch Marner London (OHL) RW
4 Dylan Strome Erie (OHL) C
5 Noah Hanifin Boston D (NCAA)
6 Mathew Barzal Seattle (WHL) C
7 Pavel Zacha Sarnia (OHL) C
8 Mikko Rantanen TPS (Finland) RW
9 Kyle Connor Youngstown (USHL) C
10 Zach Werenski Michigan (NCAA) D
11 Ivan Provorov Brandon (WHL) D
12 Lawson Crouse Kingston (OHL) LW
13 Denis Guryanov Togliatti (RUS2) RW
14 Evgeny Svechnikov Cape Breton (QMJHL) RW
15 Timo Meier Halifax (QMJHL) RW
16 Joel Eriksson Ek Farjestad (SWE) C
17 Colin White USA U-18 C
18 Jack Roslovic C/RW USA U-18
19 Brandon Carlo Tri-City (WHL) D
20 Filip Chlapik Charl’town (QMJHL) C
21 Nick Merkley Kelowna (WHL) C
22 Jakub Zboril Saint John (QMJHL) D
23 Brock Boeser Waterloo (USHL) RW
24 Jansen Harkins Prince George (WHL) C
25 Travis Konecny Ottawa (OHL) RW
26 Paul Bittner Portland (WHL) LW
27 Daniel Sprong Charl’town (QMJHL) RW
28 Anthony Beauvillier Shawinigan (QMJHL) C
29 Thomas Novak Waterloo (USHL) C
30 Jeremy Roy Sherbrooke (QMJHL) D
31 Gabriel Carlsson Linköping (SWE) D
32 Jacob Larsson Frolunda (SWE) D
33 Jonas Siegenthaler ZSC (SUI) D
34 Noah Juulsen Everett (WHL) D
35 Thomas Chabot Saint John (QMJHL) D
36 Vince Dunn Niagara (OHL) D
37 Mitchell Stephens Saginaw (OHL) C
38 Zach Senyshyn Sault St. Marie (OHL) RW
39 Graham Knott Niagara (OHL) LW
40 Dennis Yan Shawinigan (QMJHL) LW
41 Erik Cernak Kosice (SVK) D
42 Christian Fischer USA U-18 C
43 Oliver Kylington AIK (Sweden1) D
44 Nicolas Meloche B-Comeau (QMJHL) D
45 Ryan Pilon Brandon (WHL) D

My final top 40 for the 2014 NHL draft

1 SAM BENNETT Kingston C 6′ 180 June 20, 1996
2 SAM REINHART Kootenay C 6-1 185 Nov 6, 1995
3 LEON DRAISAITL Prince Albert C 6-2 210 Oct 20, 1995
4 NIKOLAJ EHLERS Halifax 5-11 185 Feb 14, 1996
5 AARON EKBLAD Barrie 6’4′” 215 Feb 7, 1996
6 MICHAEL DAL COLLE Oshawa LW 6-2 180 June 20, 1996
7 JAKE VIRTANEN Calgary C 6-1 210 Aug 17, 1996
8 WILLIAM NYLANDER Sodertalje C 5-11 170 May 1, 1996
9 NICK RITCHIE Peterborough 6-2 230 Dec 5, 1995
10 SONNY MILANO NTDP U18 5-11 183 May 12, 1996
11 BRENDAN PERLINI Niagara LW 6-2 205 Apr 30, 1996
12 DYLAN LARKIN NTDP U18 C 6-1 190 July 30, 1996
13 ROBBY FABBRI Guelph 5-10 166 Jan 22, 1996
14 JARED MCCANN Sault Ste. C Marie 6′ 1″ 180 May 31, 1996
15 KASPERI KAPANEN KalPa RW 5-11 170 July 23, 1996
16 ALEX TUCH NTDP U18 RW 6-4 213 May 10, 1996
17 KEVIN FIALA HV71 RW/LW 5’11” 194 July 22, 1996
18 HAYDN FLEURY Red Deer 6-3-200 July 8, 1996
19 IVAN BARBASHEV Moncton LW 6-1 185 Dec 14, 1995
20 JAKUB VRANA W Linkoping J20 6′ 178feb 28, 1996
21 TRAVIS SANHEIM Calgary D 6’4″ 205 Mar 29, 1996
22 DAVID PASTRNAK Sodertalje RW 6′ 167 May 25, 1996
23 NIKITA SCHERBAK LW Saskatoon 6′ 172 Dec 30, 1995
24 JOSH HO-SANG Windsor C 5-11 166 Jan 22, 1996
25 CONNER BLEACKLEY Red Deer RW 6’1 195 Feb 7, 1996
26 JACK DOUGHERTY NTDP U18 6’2 185 D May 25, 1996
27 MARCUS PETTERSSON Skellefteå 6’4″ 167 D May 8, 1996
28 ROLAND MCKEOWN Kingston D 6-1 200 Jan 20, 1996
29 JULIUS HONKA Swift Current D 5-10 170 Dec 3, 1995
30 RYAN DONATO 6′ 176 C Apr 9, 1996
31 NICK SCHMALTZ Green Bay C 5-11 170 Feb 23 1996
32 ERIC CORNELL Peterborough 6-2 186 C Apr 11, 1996
33 DOMINIK MASIN 6’2″ 194 D Slavia Prague Feb 1, 1996
34 ANTON KARLSSON Frolunda RW 6′ 1 190 Aug 3, 1996
35 ADRIAN KEMPE MODO C 6-2 190 Sept 13, 1996
36 NIKOLAY GOLDOBIN Sarnia 6′ 175 Oct 7, 1995
37 BRENDAN LEMIEUX RW Barrie 6’1″ 200 Mar 15, 1996
38 JOHN QUENNEVILLE C 6’1″ 195 Brandon Apr 16, 1996
39 RYAN MACINNIS Kitchener C 6’4″ 185 Feb 14,1996
40 BRYCEN MARTIN D 6’1″ 197 Swift Current May 9, 1996

My final top 75 for the 2013 NHL draft

1 Nathan MacKinnon – Halifax (QMJHL)
2 Aleksander Barkov – Tappara (FIN)
3 Jonathan Drouin – Halifax (QMJHL)
4 Seth Jones – Portland (WHL)
5 Sean Monahan – Ottawa (OHL)
6 Valeri Nichushkin – Chelijabinsk (RUS)
7 Elias Lindholm – Brynas (SWE)
8 Bo Horvat – London (OHL)
9 Hunter Shinkaruk – Medicine Hat (WHL)
10 Frédérik Gauthier – Rimouski (QMJHL)
11 Max Domi – London (OHL)
12 Curtis Lazar – Edmonton (WHL)
13 Darnell Nurse – Sault Ste. Marie (OHL)
14 Alexander Wennberg – Djurgardens (SWE)
15 Adam Erne – Quebec (QMJHL)
16 Samuel Morin – Rimouski (QMJHL)
17 Kerby Rychel – Windsor (OHL)
18 Valentin Zykov – Baie-Comeau (QMJHL)
19 Ryan Hartman – Plymouth (OHL)
20 Rasmus Ristolainen – TPS Turku (FIN)
21 Andre Burakowsky – Malmo (SWE)
22 Nikita Zadorov – London (OHL)
23 Anthony Mantha – Val d’Or (QMJHL)
24 JT Compher – USNDTP (USHL)
25 Jimmy Lodge – Saginaw (OHL)
26 Michael McCarron – USNTDP
27 Peter Cehlárik – Luleå (SWE)
28 Connor Hurley – Edina (USHS)
29 Josh Morrissey – Prince Albert (WHL)
30 Madison Bowey – Kelowna (WHL)
31 Jason Dickinson – Guelph (OHL)
32 Ryan Pulock – Brandon (WHL)
33 Justin Bailey – Kitchener (OHL)
34 Marko Dano – HC Slovan Bratislava (KHL)
35 Steve Santini – USNTDP (USHL)
36 John Hayden – USNTDP (USHL)
37 Zack Nastasiuk – Owen Sound (OHL)
38 Mirco Mueller – Everett (WHL)
39 Pavel Buchnevich – Cheropovets (KHL)
40 Ian McCoshen – Waterloo (USHL)
41 Artturi Lehkonen – Kalpa (SM-liiga)
42 Emile Poirier – Gatineau (QMHJL)
43 Laurent Dauphin – Chicoutimi (QMJHL)
44 Chris Bigras – Owen Sound (OHL)
45 Morgan Klimchuk – Regina (WHL)
46 Dillon Heatherington – Swift Current (WHL)
47 Nicolas Petan – Portland (WHL)
48 Ryan Kujawinski – Kingston (OHL)
49 Shea Theodore Seattle (WHL)
50 William Carrier – Cape Breton (QMJHL)
51 Nicholas Baptiste – Sudbury (OHL)
52 Robert Hagg – Modo (SEL)
53 Eric Comrie – Tri City (WHL)
54 Jonathan Diaby – Victoriaville (QMJHL)
55 Tristan Jarry – Edmonton (WHL)
56 Keaton Thompson – USNDTP (USHL)
57 Michael Downing – Dubuque (USHL)
58 Mitchell Wheaton – Kelowna (WHL)
59 Jacob De La Rose – Leksands (SEL)
60 Oliver Bjorkstrand – Portland (WHL)
61 Hudson Fasching – USNDTP (USHL)
62 Eric Roy – Brandon (WHL)
63 Brett Pesce – UNH (NCAA)
64 Linus Arnesson – Djurgardens (SEL)
65 Marc-Olivier Roy – Blainville – Boisbriand (QMJHL)
66 Zachary Fucale – Halifax (QMJHL)
67 Zach Sanford – Middlesex (EJHL)
68 Jérémy Grégoire – Baie-Comeau (QMJHL)
69 Yan-Pavel Laplante – PEI (QMJHL)
70 Carl Dahlstrom – Linkopings (SuperElit)
71 Philippe Desrosiers – Rimouski (QMJHL)
72 Tommy Vannelli USNTDP (USHL)
73 Carter Verhaeghe – Niagara (OHL)
74 Jake Guentzel – Sioux City (USHL)
75 Anthony Duclair – Quebec (QMJHL)
*sleeper pick Nick Hutchison – Tri City (USHL)

My final top 60 for the 2012 NHL draft

This is NOT a mock, rather how I like the players.(I posted similar lists before the last 2 drafts which I’ve reproduced if you scroll down on this blog).

1 Nail Yakupov – RW – Sarnia (OHL)
2 Alex Galchenyuk – C – Sarnia (OHL)
3 Filip Forsberg – LW – Leksands IF (Allsvenskan)
4 Radek Faksa – C – Kitchener (OHL)
5  Mikhail Grigorenko – C – Quebec (QMJHL) (rumours persist that he is older than he claims, if that is the case I would drop him WAY down lower)
6 Teuvo Teräväinen – F – Jokerit (SM-liiga)
7 Jacob Trouba – D – USNDTP
8 Griffin Reinhart – D – Edmonton (WHL)
9 Morgan Rielly – D – Moose Jaw (WHL)
10 Mathew Dumba – D – Red Deer (WHL)
11 Ryan Murray – D – Everett (WHL)
12 Cody Ceci – D – Ottawa (OHL)
13 Brendan Gaunce – C – Belleville (OHL)
14 Tom Wilson – RW – Plymouth (OHL)
15 Tomáš Hertl – C – HC Slavia Praha (Czech)
16 Zemgus Girgensons – C – Dubuque (USHL)
17 Henrik Samuelsson – C – Edmonton (WHL)
18 Olli Määttä – D – London (OHL)
19 Slater Koekkoek – D – Peterborough (OHL)
20 Scott Laughton – C – Oshawa (OHL)
21 Nicolas Kerdiles – C/LW – USNTDP
22 Hampus Lindholm – D – Rögle (Allsvenskan)
23 Matt Finn – D – Guelph (OHL)
24 Stefan Matteau – C – USNTDP
25 Sebastien Collberg – W – Frölunda (SEL)
26 Brady Skjei – D – USNTDP
27 Damon Severson – D – Kelowna (WHL)
28 Cristoval Nieves – C – Indiana (USHL)
29 Lukas Sutter – C – Saskatoon (WHL)
30 Ludvig Byström – D – Modo (SEL)
31 Jarrod Maidens – C/RW – Owen Sound (OHL)
32 Adam Pelech – D – Erie (OHL)
33 Colton Sissons – RW – Kelowna (WHL)
34 Tanner Pearson – LW – Barrie (OHL)
35 Patrick Sieloff – D – USNTDP
36 Dalton Thrower – D – Saskatoon (WHL)
37 Micheal Matheson – D – Dubuqe (USHL)
38 Derrick Pouliot – D – Portland (WHL)
39 Martin Frk – RW – Halifax (QMJHL)
40 Pontus Åberg – W – Djurgården (SEL)
41 Mark Jankowski – C – Stanstead College (Quebec)
42 Phil Di Giuseppe – F – Michigan (NCAA)
43 Ville Pokka – D – Kärpät (SM-liiga)
44 Tim Bozon – LW – Kamloops (WHL)
45 Oscar Dansk – G -Brynäs J20 (SuperElit)
46 Mikko Vainonen – D – HIFK  (SM-liiga)
47 Jordan Schmaltz – D – Green Bay (USHL)
48 Daniil Zharkov – LW – Belleville (OHL)
49 Dane Fox – C – Erie (OHL)
50 Tomáš Hyka – RW – Gatineau (QMJHL)
51 Esa Lindell – D – Jokerit U20  (Jr. A SM-liiga)
52 Brian Hart – RW – Exeter High NH (USHS)
53 Malcolm Subban – G – Belleville (OHL)
54 Andrei Vasilevski – G – Tolpar Ufa (MHL)
53 Coda Gordon – LW – Swift Current (WHL)
56 Scott Kosmachuk – RW – Guelph (OHL)
57 Samuel Kurker – RW – St. John’s Prep (USHS)
58 Jon Gillies – G – Indiana (USHL)
59 Anthony Stolarz – G – Corpus Christi (NAHL)
60 Jake McCabe – D – Wisconsin (NCAA)

*bonus* sleeper pick for mid rounds is Ryan Rupert. and

late in the draft is Matt Lane

My final top 50 for the 2011 NHL draft

*I changed the dates on these past draft lists to April 2012 so they would appear closer to the top of the blog*
1 Ryan Nugent-Hopkins
2 Adam Larsson
3 Jonathan Huberdeau
4 Ryan Strome
5 Gabriel Landeskog
6 Sean Couturier
7 Dougie Hamilton
8 Mark Scheifele
9 Matt Puempel
10 Mika Zibanejad
11 J.T. Miller
12 Oscar Klefbom
13 Jamie Oleksiak
14 Boone Jenner
15 Mark McNeill
16 Ryan Murphy
17 Rickard Rakell
18 Sven Bartschi
19 Ty Rattie
20 Vladislav Namestnikov
21 Nathan Beaulieu
22 Duncan Siemens
23 Joel Armia
24 Stefan Noesen
25 Connor Murphy
26 Jonas Brodin
27 Dmitrij Jaskin
28 Brandon Saad
29 Tyler Biggs
30 Nicklas Jensen
31 Stuart Percy
32 Joe Morrow
33 Brett Ritchie
34 Ryan Sproul
35 Scott Mayfield
36 Alexander Khokhlachev
37 Robbie Russo
38 Rocco Grimaldi
39 Reid Boucher
40 Zack Phillips
41 Daniel Catenacci
42 Victor Rask
43 Joel Edmundson
44 Michael St. Croix
45 Shane Prince
46 Nikita Kucherov
47 Tomas Jurco
48 David Musil
49 Lucas Lessio
50 Joe Labate
*bonus* my sleeper pick for the draft was Marek Tvrdon

My final top 60 for the 2010 NHL draft

1 Taylor Hall
2 Tyler Seguin
3 Brett Connolly
4 Eric Gudbranson
5 Cam Fowler
6 Jeff Skinner
7 Brandon Gormley
8 Nino Niederreiter
9 Derek Forbort
10 Vladimir Taresenko
11 Ryan Johansen
12 Mark Pysyk
13 Austin Watson
14 Mikael Granlund
15 Nick Bjugstad
16 Alexander Burmistrov
17 Jack Campbell
18 Emerson Etem
19 Jon Merrill
20 Jarred Tinordi
21 Tyler Toffoli
22 John MacFarland
23 Quinton Howden
24 Jaden Schwartz
25 Greg McKegg
26 Dylan McIlrath
27 Brock Nelson
28 Calle Jarnkrok
29 Stanislev Galiev
30 Evgeny Kuznetsov
31 Beau Bennett
32 Charlie Coyle
33 Riley Sheahan
34 Kevin Hayes
35 Ludvig Rensfeldt
36 Joey Hishon
37 Calvin Picard
38 Jared Knight
39 Brad Ross
40 Alex Petrovic
41 Matt Mackenzie
42 Jordan Weal
43 Stephen Johns
44 Justin Faulk
45 Troy Rutkowski
46 Justin Shugg
47 Tom Kuehnhackl
48 Tyler Pitlick
49 Teemu Pulkkinen
50 Ryan Martindale
51 Martin Marincin
52 Ryan Spooner
53 Brock Beukeboom
54 Christian Thomas
55 Kirill Kabanov
56 Jerome Gauthier-Leduc
57 Connor Brickley
58 Stephen Silas
59 Jason Zucker
60 Bill Arnold